World premiere: your desired cable within only 3 minutes...starting at 300 3 weeks

Using chainflex® custom cable, you can create your desired cable for the-chain
configured within only 3 minutes...starting at 300 your door in 3 weeks!

Based on the new "chainflex® SFP" production system, igus® is now in a position to manufacture and supply to its customers an almost "infinite" variety of unique customized cables at igus® tested quality with a fast turnaround.
This program combines the igus® tested chainflex® quality from the chainflex®/e-chain® lab (more than 1,500 m2 floorspace) with the custom requirements of our customers.
The initiative is called "chainflex® CC", where CC is short for "custom cable".

Configuring chainflex® desired cables

Using the chainflex® custom cable configurator, unique chainflex® custom cables can be ordered on the spot within 3 minutes at the daily prices starting at 300 m, and shipped within 3 weeks.

More information about chainflex® cables

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