Quickly and easily find suitable lead screw modules and motors.


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Catalogue, technical documents and answers to questions.



Improve technology, reduce costs - examples from the field ...

drylin® E - linear axis including drive and motor

Complete linear guides - ready to connect

drylin E  
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drylin® linear modular systems with accessories and motors ...

drylin® gantries  
Ready to install gantries
in 24h

Ready to fix assembled standard gantries from stock, at your place in 24 hours!

drylin® E  
2D/3D CAD Data

Faster and simpler designing with file formats for various systems.

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Query to the specialists

Queries to the drylin® E specialists René Erdmann about modular axis, motors and accessories.

drylin® E linear modular system

The consistent development of the toolbox and system concept of the lubrication-free drylin® drive technology.

Complete systems: Linear axis plus motor, ready to fit

Maintance- and lubricant-free

Spindle- or toothed belt axis

Mounted ready to install with motor, cables and initiators available in 3-4 days.

Compact and light design


Configuration online

drylin® E modular linear construction kit


drylin® E Pick and Place


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