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Laser sintering material iglidur I3  

iglidur® I3-PL for the additive manufacturing

The material iglidur® I3-PL, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribological tests in the igus® test laboratory. This means the degree of design freedom for wear-resistant parts has been increased yet again.
Further tests have shown that iglidur® I3 is especially suitable for spur gears and helical-bevel gears as well as for all other types of wear-resistant parts. The material is similar to PA12, and can therefore be machined on standard machinery.

Advantages of laser sintering compared to FDM

  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Precision (± 0.1 %, accuracy can also be enhanced after consultation)
  • Lower component costs
  • Process stability (reliability and dependability)
  • No support material necessary

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Flexural strength of the printed component

Bending strength

Y = Flexural strength [MPa]


Flexural strength printed

Bending strength

Y = Flexural strength [MPa]
A = Installation direction: X / Y
B = Installation direction: Z


Wear test, rotating: p= 1 MPa; v= 0.3 m/s

Wear test, rotating: p= 1 MPa; v= 0.3 m/s; Welle: V2A

Wear test, rotating

Y = Wear test, rotating [μm/km]
A = PA12 (SLS)
B = PA12 + glass balls (SLS)
C = iglidur® I3 (SLS)
D = iglidur® I180 (FDM)

Wear test, rotating

A = iglidur® I3-PL
B = PA12
C = PA12 + glass balls


The comparative tests show the low wear rate (Y) of the iglidur® I3-PL material when rotating.

Wear test, linear p= 1 MPa; v= 0.1 m/s; l= 5 mm

Linear wear test

Y = Wear test, rotating [μm/km]
A = PA12 (SLS)
B = PA12 + glass balls (SLS)
C = iglidur® I3-PL (SLS)
D = iglidur® I180 (FDM)


Wear test, swivelling CF53: v= 0.01 m/s; ß= 60°

Wear test, swivelling

Y = Wear test, rotating [μm/km]
A = iglidur® I3-PL 3D-print
B = iglidur® I180 3D-print
C = iglidur® G injection-moulded
D = iglidur® W300 injection-moulded


Use in car racing

Up to now, in use over a distance of 400 km and still no visible wear

Two factors were considered in the selection of the products mounted on the Formula Student racing car of Team Running Snail of the Amberg-Weiden University: the weight and the utility. The team simply printed a bearing made of iglidur® Tribo-Filament using a 3D printer, after which they machined it a little, and glued it in place.

Use in car racing  


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