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This unique parasol design has side parts, which can be let down or raised by turning an integrated crank handle. When lowered the sides are fitted with weight so that they have purchase on windy days. A conventional crank handle cannot lift the necessary weight, and only a limited amount of line can be wound around the crank axle.

Main criteria for the application

Due to a "pulley-like" mechanism on each parasol rib of the frame, which increases the lifting power of the crank handle, the power required to lift the sides and the weights is doubled.

An extremely high force is exerted on the rotary crank in the upwards direction.

Space restrictions

Cost awareness, to keep an affordable price

Two iglidur® M250 plain bearings are used in the assembly. The plastic components support the large and uneven forces, which are brought about by the line whilst it is being wound around the crankshaft to lift the sides and weights. The plastic does not need any oil and stays functional and clean. The performance of the plastic is not affected by extreme temperature fluctuations (hot and dry, cold and wet).

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