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New bend radius for even greater cable protection

protection of the laser light cable

To reliably guide laser light cables, rivet or screw tubes on robots, the required minimum bending radius must behigher. The triflex® TRCF.85.240.0 with a nominal bending radius of 240mm protects reliably and offers the easy filling of the triflex® TRCF series.

Larger bend radius (240mm) increases the service life of laser light cables and prevents kinking of supply hoses.

Fast filling from outside, even with harnessed cables

Only a screwdriver is required for opening

Defined twist angle per chain link (approx. +/- 10°)

Can be extended and shortened as required

triflex® TRCF  
triflex® TRCF  
triflex® TRCF  
Part Number   inner-Ø outer-Ø bend radius    
  Bi Ba R    
 TRCF.85.135.0 - 84,5 94,5 135 a petición 
 TRCF.85.240.0 - 84,5 94,5 240 a petición 
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